The Restaurant

In the Locanda’s restaurant, you will eat well, with simple dishes prepared with care, inspired by local recipes curati realizzati secondo le ricette locali

But reinterpreted by our chef’s great skill and his love and care for good food. You will be able to enjoy a special meal, a simple snack, a quick working lunch, or  even get a taste for an ‘aperitivo’.

Our chef is Ambrogio Stefanetti, and it is he who lights up the signboard at the Locanda San Silvestro in Meride. Despite originally looking to open a second restaurant, it has only ever been emotions to guide Ambrogio’s decisions, and in the streets of Meride, our Ambrogio recovered those memories that are so fundamental to his cooking. Raised in Como, but Ticinese in spirit, his ties to the region have become his greatest strength.

Our kitchen, under Ambrogio’s steady guidance, is one that draws on all that the earth and gardens have to offer, with an understanding of the luxuries that can be created from simple processes. Ours is the sort of kitchen that first and foremost aims to make people feel at home.

Ambrogio’s concoctions are born from the constant creative research into the connection between the earth and the kitchen; they are a tribute to the land, to natural ingredients, and to longstanding traditions that cannot be forgotten.
And, much like nature itself, the menu develops and transitions with the seasons, sometimes even taking inspiration from a trip or two abroad.

On arrival, you will be met with a wide variety of spaces in which to dine, depending on your preferences: a candlelit dinner or drink can be served in the Locanda’s courtyard, which looks upon the  valley, or in the West-facing terrace; in winter, guests are invited to warm up in the converted barn, now adorned with a large fireplace, or in the wine cellar with a stone well from the 1700s for a selection of tasting menus or for small private dinners.

Restaurant opening hours: lunch 12.00/14.00 – dinner 18.45/21.30

The restaurant is closed on
but a stay in Meride is an opportunity to discover the best of Ticino’s gastronomy, so we recommend our country restaurant
Vecchia Osteria Seseglio

For reservations:
Tel + 41 916461000

The restaurant menu represents what Ticino means for us

land of various facets, with a natural gastronomic heritage made of excellence. We have the pleasure of being able to offer them to you after selecting and cooking them.

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