Meride’s territories have a proven vocation for cycle-tourism

There are hundreds of trails that are perfect for bicycles. The speeds that can be reached with bikes will allow you to cross a variety of spaces, savouring their unique smells and sounds that accompany life in the woods and countryside.

The air on your face and the playful sunshine that filters through the trees’ foliage always evoke that powerful emotion that we all feel when cycling, that of freedom and lightness.

The Locanda offers its guests e-bike rental in collaboration with Akertino e-biking in Mendrisiotto.
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Our Locanda was conceived also as a bike hotel: the cycle tourists that wish to stop off for the night with their bikes will find a small, well-equipped office where they will be able to take care of any technical adjustments before setting off again, as well as a stall to recharge e-bikes and a variety of maps to indicate the area’s trails.

Many well-marked, easy-to-follow trails of varying difficulties pass through Meride. There are also projects underway to construct technical bike trails that connect paths from Lugano to trails that rise up onto Monte Generoso and descend down to Como. This will make the region one of the most interesting cycle-tourism destinations, with over 100km of trails that are also connected to cable cars to facilitate the steeper ascents.

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