Nice things to do

Your time reclaimed in the simplicity of doing only what your heart desires

Meride, the countryside around it rife with vineyards, the mountains that surround it, the river with its pools and the lake where you will be able to spend your reclaimed time with the simplicity that is born from doing only what your heart desires. Much like when we were children, and we would lose ourselves in playing without a care.

At the Locanda we are happy to provide our guests with directions for a variety of walks nearby, as well as informing you of all the cultural and sporting activities available to you, and offering you e-bikes to let you enjoy a cycling tour of all the attractions the region has to offer.

Many cultural and musical festivals take place during the year in the towns and villages surrounding Meride, as well as a variety of concerts, readings and other activities organised by the Locanda itself.

But even just staying put in the Locanda, making the most of the time to relax and the spaces around you can be a great way to reclaim your time.

Excursions in the Region

Horse Riding


Food and Wine Tours

Art and Culture