The Locanda

Built in the 1700s, the Locanda started welcoming its first guests 80 years ago, and continues to do so now,

following on in its tradition across the eras and supported by its sequence of different overseers that imbued their stories into the history of the space.


It is a place rich in history, where the structure unfurls through twisted staircases and rooms that look upon a little labyrinth of the region’s sites and sights: in the east, the Loggia’s lit up by the morning sun, and in the west, a sunset that floods the large shared terrace as the sun goes to rest behind the mountains.

On the ground floor, the room with hearth traditionally served as the place where all the household’s members would reconvene to eat on the large dining table in front of the fireplace. That room is still here, with its hearth, its redbrick and chestnut ceiling, its arched doorways, all ready to welcome the Locanda’s guests for a relaxing evening meal.

The Locanda’s fortified medieval foundations carved out of the rocks with stone vaults recently recovered from a nearby river, have today been transformed into a small wellness and relaxation zone for our guests (estimated to open in Spring 2021).